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3469, Commercial Street, , Vancouver, British Columbia, V5N 4E8
Our Booking PolicyPlease note we require 48 hours notice to cancel your appointment. If you cancel within 48 hours your deposit will be forfeited.


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Quick Fix

·. Price:$30

Bike Shopping & Test ride

·. Price:Free

Bike Fit

·. Price:$60

Regular Service/Tune-Up

·. Price:$40

Saddle Library

·. Price:$120

Warranty, 30 Day Check, or Consult

·. Price:Free

About us

Women-forward, everyone welcome bicycle boutique with locations in Vancouver and [upcoming] Brentwood Bay, BC.

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4 reviews
  • Leonard·

    Great experience today finding a new saddle. Very experienced, knowledgeable, and patient staff.

  • Privia·

    I got a tune up and some other work done on my single speed be l bike. Great service, friendly people, super honest, transparent and informative. Will be coming back again and again

  • Bryn·

    Relaxed environment. Considerate. Answered all my questions throughout my shopping experience months ago, via email, via phone and today when I got to take home my custom build!

  • Ky·

    Had a saddle “fitting” or took part in the saddle library, and it was fantastic. It Started with sitting on some kind of tablet like device attached to a bench to see where my sit bones fell and where I put the most pressure while sitting, followed by then trying different saddles that likely would alleviate those pressure points.

    I tried maybe 6 different saddles (could have tried many more but found mine with the second one) and rode up and down the block each time to get a feel for each saddle. Nothing was rushed, the saddles positions and orientations were adjusted each time, in addition to swapping out different saddles, in order to make the best possible choice through actually riding with them. There was ZERO pressure to buy any one saddle or buy a saddle at all, and there was no rush to get you out the door.

    I also had my bike dissembled and reassembled prior to the library, and can’t say enough amazing things about this shop. Genuinely friendly, down to earth, knowledgeable people running this shop, no pretension whatsoever. Extremely professional and well run shop; from online booking of services to the work, parts choices, bikes and location. I’ll never go to any other bike shop in the city going forward.

    Definitely impressed me and left a great impression


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